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2010 Special Edition

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OHSA gets amended
On June 15, 2010, Bill 168 amending the OHSA with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace comes into effect and will impact most Ontario workplaces. Employers are required to conduct a risk assessment of workplace violence and report results to their health and safety committee or personnel, or directly to their workers. Policies and procedures must also be developed and implemented along with an emergency response strategy.

The risk assessment is the first step to create awareness, identify potential hazards and risks, identify warning signs and those who may be at risk, understand the nature and priority of those risks, and provide a written record of the review. Employers must take into account circumstances common to similar workplaces and regulatory factors.

"Following the assessment, many employers will find they are not a high risk group. Those among the high risk groups are likely aware of the potential dangers and welcome the changes that Bill 168 brings to workplace safety."
- Meka Jones
Workwell Audit Coordinator, Leader In Safety Inc.

We're here to help
To ensure your company is completely compliant with Bill 168, Leader In Safety can:
  • Conduct a risk assessment for potential violent hazards in the workplace
  • Develop violence & harassment prevention policies & programs
  • Create worker-reporting procedures for any incidents
  • Formalize incident investigation procedures
  • Implement processes dealing with incidents & complaints of violence
  • Develop emergency response procedures for violent circumstances
  • Comply with workers' right to refuse unsafe work and right to know about potential hazards in the workplace.
A Statistics Canada Study performed in 2004 found the following:
  • 17% of all violent incidences in Canada, including sexual assault, robbery and physical assault, happened at the workplace, resulting in 356,000 violent workplace incidents.
  • 71% of these incidences were physical assault
  • 24% of the incidences were sexual assault
  • 19% of Canadian workplace violence incidences involve weapons
  • Canada averages 14 workplace homicides a year.
Violence affects victims and organizations
The emotional and physical trauma to victims, their families and co-workers has immeasurable personal costs. The financial costs however, can be measured. Bullied employees for example, are unproductive between 10% and 52% of their time at work. Your company's image and reputation can also suffer. There may also be difficulty in recruiting, training and retention, low morale and decreased productivity, strained management-employee relations, short- and long-term disability and lawsuits.

Defining the terms
Workplace violence is defined as the exercise; the attempt to exercise; or a statement or behavior that is interpreted as a threat to exercise; physical force by a person against a worker in a workplace that causes or could cause physical injury.

Workplace harassment is defined as a vexatious conduct or comment against a worker in a workplace that is known or should be known as unwelcome.

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More than 5 employees?
Workplaces in Ontario with 6 or more regularly employed workers must have the necessary policies, programs, measures and procedures in place and posted in a conspicuous location.

Method of enforcement?
It is uncertain how MOL will enforce this new legislation. It could be with a simple warning and follow up or with hefty fines. Leader In Safety will work with you to ensure complete compliance with Bill 168 - from the initial assessment to the implementation of your policies and programs.

Any project, any size, anywhere in the world, Leader In Safety is there to minimize risks, make it safe for employees and protect your company's bottom line.

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Special thanks to MOL, WSIB, IAPA, STATCAN, Gowlings and Emond Harnden for their assistance with the information in this newsletter.


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