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2011 Summer

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The Sky's the Limit
Near a runway’s end at Canada’s third busiest airport, Leader In Safety is not only concerned with the health and safety of workers on the ground, but also for that of the passengers and crew flying in and out of Thunder Bay International Airport (TBIA).

Well into construction, the $25-million, 8.5- megawatt solar park is scheduled for completion this fall and once connected, will make TBIA the first solar powered airport in the country. The solar farm is expected to generate enough additional energy to power 1,000 homes in its first year and almost 15,000 homes over the next 20 years while offsetting about 7,500 metric tons of carbon per year.

“It’s great that North American’s are finally taking advantage of the natural green energy available that also has a positive impact on environment,” says Kim Broda, Safety Coordinator for Leader In Safety.

Working in conjunction with Siemens Canada, Leader is on site performing orientation and confirming that all trade and worker certifications are current. Leader is also there ensuring that everyone working on the solar park project is familiar with all TBIA, Siemens Canada and the Ministry of Labour rules and regulations.

As Health and Safety professionals, being visible and available is hugely important to the project’s success, as is open communication between all parties. Perhaps the most challenging part of the project is scheduling the 90- ton crane used to erect E-houses, transformers and substations.

“With GPS coordinates we’re able to ensure we’re under the 30m height restriction when we need to be. We schedule crane operation for off-peak traffic times or in the short windows between departures and arrivals,” Broda says.

To date there are between 60 and 120 workers at any one time, with over 20,000 hours already put into the project. Leader In Safety is happy to report that there has been zero lost time due to incident or injury.
Keeping Your Cool
With the summer sun comes warmer temperatures and the body requires additional fluids to operate efficiently, especially when carrying out strenuous work. Dehydration and heat stress can compromise a worker’s safety and on-the-job productivity.

Dehydration can lower blood pressure; reduce the flow of fluid to the brain and cause workers to become sluggish. Proper hydration will assist with concentration and maintain energy levels, both of which aid in the decision making process.

Heat stress is a buildup of body heat that, if left unchecked, can develop into heat exhaustion or heat stroke. As the internal body temperature increases, the heart rate rises and the body becomes overwhelmed. To reduce the chances of heat stress it is important for workers to stay hydrated and take breaks in a shaded, air-conditioned or well-ventilated area.

Health and Safety to go
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When performing physical labour, workers can sweat up to one litre of fluid every hour. We recommend consuming water on a regular basis, because by the time the body registers thirst, it is already dehydrated.

August 2011
  • New & Young Worker – Industrial and Health Care Sector
  • Pits & Quarries, Sand & Gravel – Mining Sectors
  • Ladders, Suspended Stages, Elevated Work Platforms – Construction Sector
October 2011
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Industrial & Health Care Sectors
  • Underground Ventilation Hazards – Mining Sector

Any project, any size, anywhere in the world, Leader In Safety is there to minimize risks, make it safe for employees and protect your company's bottom line.

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