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2011 Spring Edition

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Training Saves Lives
Leader In Safety recently performed CPR and AED training for ConCreate USL Ltd., that was effectively put to use shortly after on the job site. A worker suffered a heart attack and because of the quick response of a trained employee, the worker was resuscitated and is alive and well.

A day to remember
On April 28th, the Day of Mourning, CCOHS, WSIB, Leader In Safety and job sites across Ontario will commemorate, honour and pay tribute to the millions of Ontarians whose lives have been impacted by a workplace fatality, injury or illness.

A Living Tribute is located at the WSIB office in Toronto and candles can be lit online at

Please join CCOHS, WSIB and Leader In Safety in our commitment to eliminate all workplace injuries and fatalities.

Upcoming Mol Blitzes
May-Aug – New & Young Worker – Industrial, Health Care sectors
May – Home builders/Low Rise Construction – Construction Sector
May – Tower Crane Suppliers Industrial Sector/Specialized Professional Services
June – Diamond Drilling – Mining Sector

Roadside Assistance
For the past four years, K.J. Beamish Construction Co., Limited and their group of companies, has relied on Leader In Safety to provide health and safety training for many of their 600 employees.

Traveling to Beamish offices and job sites across Ontario, Leader has taught and renewed certifications in WHMIS, First Aid, CPR and AED devices, traffic control, signaling, use of fire extinguishers, and the transportation of dangerous goods. While on site Leader has also ensured compliancy with Bill 168 and workplace violence, and Bill C45, which imposes criminal liability on organizations for negligence.

Beamish is proud to report that with the assistance of Leader In Safety, safety awareness has increased tremendously and on-site incidences have seen a substantial decline.

Young Workers
Eager to make a good impression young workers require the most instruction as they are often unable to recognize potential hazards, they don’t ask many questions and are reluctant to report unsafe conditions.

“Young workers need to be properly trained, mentored and in some cases, identified, so more experienced workers can help them foresee potential situations and respond accordingly.”
Tom Simpson, Leader In Safety Inc.

Health and Safety training should begin as soon as a young or new worker joins your company. Failing to provide proper orientation, training and on-the-job guidance, can cost more than lost production time; it can lead to hefty fines, stop work orders and even death.

Workwell Audits
With a required passing grade of 75%, Workwell Audits are not to be taken lightly. Once flagged, many companies don’t know where to begin. Leader In Safety has a proven track record for helping their Workwell Audit clients achieve a passing grade.

Leader In Safety Safety Audits include:
  • Emergency/Accident Response
  • Compliance with Standards Program
  • Compliance with Legislation
  • Company Health & Safety Policy
  • Waste Management
  • Worker Training

Any project, any size, anywhere in the world, Leader In Safety is there to minimize risks, make it safe for employees and protect your company's bottom line.

>> Call today for a safer tomorrow: 1-866-939-7999


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