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2012 Winter

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Bringing more than 32 years of Health and Safety experience to the project, Leader In Safety’ Kevin MacKay, has been spending the past few months working onsite at Bruce Power in Tiverton, Ontario.

Working with up to 50 trades and contractors throughout the project, Leader assisted in the planning and execution of safely relocating a generator weighing just under 900,000lbs., or 407 tons. This massive piece of equipment had to be moved from one unit to another, just over 1,925 feet or a ½ km away.

“Two turbine hall cranes were hooked together mechanically and electrically. We used both crane hooks and a spreader beam rerated to a 445-ton capacity for the lift,” said MacKay.

With the safety measures and team in place the generator was successfully transferred from Unit 4 to Unit 2 at a speed of 7-feet per minute. “There were no incidences, damages or lost time due to injury. The move was smooth and uneventful, just the way they like it,” added MacKay.

In addition to replacing old turbines with new state of the art equipment, the relocation of this generator and the conclusion of the 6-year Restart Project, the Bruce Power site in Tiverton has been revitalized and transformed into the largest operating nuclear facility in the world.

"“The move was successful and uneventful, just the way they like it.”"


How current and effective are your Health and Safety policies and procedures? We can tell you. Leader In Safety is proficient in conducting safety audits in numerous areas including:
  • Emergency/Accident Response
  • Compliance with Standards Program
  • Compliance with Legislation
  • Company Health & Safety Policy
  • Waste Management
  • Worker Training
Upon completion of all audits, we work with you and your team to develop, implement and monitor new policies and procedures that meet or exceed, local legislation.


With winter on its way are your workers ready to work safely in the cold? Leader In Safety on site safety instructors will show them how to identify and minimize the chance of frostbite, hypothermia and other cold-induced illnesses and injuries. We will demonstrate appropriate clothing, the buddy system, why warm-up breaks are important and how to schedule work during peak heat times.

The signs of hypothermia include; shivering, exhaustion, confusion, fumbling hands, memory loss, slurred speech, and drowsiness. The first sign of frostbite is redness or pain to skin. Other signs include; white or greyish/yellow skin coloration, firm or waxy skin, and numbness.

If a worker is suffering from frostbite and hypothermia the warning signs are usually noticed by a fellow worker. Be sure to stay in pairs when working in colder conditions.


In the case of minor incidents such as wounds, illness and general health issues, a paramedic can save hours in hospital wait times, days of absenteeism and can help prevent potential accidents and health complications from happening in the first place. Talk to us about your on-site Paramedic needs and we’ll take good care of you.


Leader In Safety holds a Staff Photo Contest every Fall. All staff are asked to submit a photo showing safety and Leader In Safety. This year's winning entry was from our General Manager, Russ Roy, with his photo titled "Baring it all for Safety".
Congratulations Russ.


Underground Mining (hazards associated with ore pass and loading pocket systems) – Mining Sector – Dec 2012

Underground Mining (ventilation hazards) – Mining Sector Jan-Feb 2013

Slips, Trips & Falls (ladder safety & fall protection) – Industrial and Construction Sector – Feb-Mar 2013

Workplace Violence – Health Care Sector – Feb-Mar 2013

Leader In Safety wishes you a happy and safe holiday season.

Any project, any size, anywhere in the world, Leader In Safety is there to minimize risks, make it safe for employees and protect your company's bottom line.

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