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One of our largest and most successful undertakings was for the Stratum Group. The project was the building of an 18-storey condominium along the Barrie lakeshore. This was an unprecedented safety success.

Under the diligent on-site supervision and health and safety procedures implemented by Leader In Safety, the project was completed in approximately 900,000 man hours with only one minor incident to report. The incident involved a worker improperly using a skill saw. The resulting negligence caused the skill saw to come in contact with his leg, creating a cut that required only six stitches. This incident should have been avoided, however because Leader In Safety was there an appropriate first aid response plan was implemented and the accident was treated swiftly and with care. The worker was back to work the very same day.

The presence of Leader In Safety also insured due diligence was being practiced by the Stratum Group. This means if the accident had been more severe the company would not have been held legally liable. This was instead a case of individual negligence.

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