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2012 Spring

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Whether it’s on a bridge, in a silo, boiler or vat, our Confined Space Rescue Team assesses and implements the engineering and administrative controls and protective equipment on your job site. They specify any additional equipment and measures that need to be taken, conduct on site training for employees that will be working in a confined space and provide 24-hour supervision to ensure everyone gets in and out quickly and safely.

On site at Lafarge in Bath, Ontario, Leader’s Confined Space Rescue Team recently oversaw the restoration of its 200m long, 5.5m in diameter cement kiln, over a 6-week period without injury or lost time.

Experienced members of Leader In Safety' Confined Space Rescue Team are available on short notice to evaluate your job site, identify confined spaces, assess air quality within those envirtonments and indicate potential hazards. Unsafe conditions are eliminated or controlled, entry permit systems are implemented and emergency rescue plans formulated. Call us today to find out what our Confined Space Rescue Team can do for you.

"Every space is unique and has its own challenges. We assess each situation, plan, prepare and monitor the space making sure the workers are safe at all times."

- David Carlone, Confined Space Rescuer

Confined Space hazards can include:

  • Poor air quality
  • Chemical exposure due to contact, ingestion or inhalation
  • Fire hazard
  • Process-related hazards
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Shifting or collapse of bulk material
  • Safety hazards, moving parts, structural hazards, entanglement
  • Barrier failure
  • Uncontrolled energy including electrical shock
  • Visibility
  • Biological hazards


On average, over 800 workers in Canada lose their lives to a disease or injury incurred from work-related causes. Tragically, most if not all, could have been prevented. Join Leader In Safety on April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, as we remember the fallen and their families, reflect on the events and renew our commitment to improve workplace health and safety.


Having a Chemical Safety Program in your workplace is not only the law, it reduces health and safety risks, lowers environmental impact, and reduces operating costs. Improper use, storage and handling of chemicals can cause injury, illness, disease, fire, explosions, or property damage. Leader In Safety will help your company develop a comprehensive chemical safety program that takes into account the purchasing, identifying, labeling, inventory, use, storage, cataloging, and disposal of chemicals, ensuring all laws and health and safety standards are adhered to. Give us a call to get started on your Chemical Safety Program.


When it comes to the responsibility for health and safety, everyone has a role to play. Governments enforce occupational health and safety legislation, conduct workplace inspections, share information, promote research, education and training.

Employers must take every reasonable measure to ensure a safe workplace, train and equip employees accordingly in terms of safety, emergency response, workplace hazards and hazardous substances, and report all critical injuries to the appropriate governing body.

New, young and experienced workers must work in compliance with the OH&S Act and regulations, use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed and immediately report all workplace hazards and dangers.


May - August 2012
  • New & Young Worker – Health Care, Mining, Construction, Industrial Sectors
June 2012
  • Struck by Objects – Construction Sector
July - August 2012
  • Tower Cranes / Mobile Cranes – Construction Sector July 2012
  • Pits, Quarries, Sand & Gravel Pits – Mining Sector


Every worker in Canada has:
  • The right to know
  • The right to participate
  • The right to refuse dangerous work


Workers aged 14 through 17 may not be employed during school hours unless excused from school under provisions of Ontario’s Education Act.


Make sure your company spends enough time with new and young workers to adequately explain the job to be performed, provide training and supervision. Explain the safety rules and importance of reporting health and safety concerns. Be available to answer questions and provide leadership by promoting and adhering to all health and safety regulations.


Recently, PLMHSC released new guidelines for safe ladder use in the construction sector. Leader In Safety can walk you through the guidelines and how they impact your business and your workers. Give us a call for all the details.

Any project, any size, anywhere in the world, Leader In Safety is there to minimize risks, make it safe for employees and protect your company's bottom line.

>> Call today for a safer tomorrow: 1-866-939-7999


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